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Who do you think Emma’s soulmate is?

so much for answers (i don’t have a clue)


part 3/5 of come together. find it on ff.net and ao3!

as per usual, massive thanks to pearl and amber. this fic would be a) nonexistent and b) a lot more terrible without them

“Wait, why do you have flowers?”

It’s three weeks after their meeting (that was definitely not a date) when Killian Jones shows up on her doorstep to discuss their next move — with buttercups in his hands, apparently.

“Do you not like them?” Killian, leaning against her doorframe just like he did a month ago, looks from her to the flowers, puzzled.

Emma’s brow furrows at his response. “I don’t know why you have them.”

“Oh,” he comments, adjusting the bouquet in his hands. “what kind of guest would I be if I didn’t bring something?”

“The kind that is only here to scheme with me on how to disassemble parts of a glorified oligarchy,” Emma deadpans.

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» E! Online Best. TV. Ever - Best Kiss


Hey guys, we lost the lead for “Best Kiss” at the E! Online Awards. We’re second place behind Damon/Elena. If you have some free time, go vote and spread the word!

vote for hook and emma for best kiss here. i’m not about losing to to tvd.

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mother’s ruin (killian & emma)


Happy Father’s Day :’)