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as you wish
# captain swan# cs graphic# long story short people who say hook did everything he did just to get into emma's pants are full of shit# because if all he wanted was emma and didn't care about her happiness he would've taken that deal then and there# and he put his life in jeopardy going against it# he doesn't look for a way out of danger while emma and people she loves are still in it# he'll jump right into danger if that means emma will have someone by her side# and he'll hurt anyone who threatens her or people she cares about (her friends...her parents...hers on - /don't come near them/# he wants everything to be her choice and to uphold her autonomy without any manipulation# and he'd die to protect henry (don't stop no matter what you hear) not only because that's what she would want but because he's come to care# for henry on his own# he wants to care for and support emma every step of the way but make sure no harm comes to her because of him# (what did you do? WHAT DID YOU DO?)# and he'd risk his life to save someone emma loves period# hook has grown and changed and evolved as a byproduct of love and tbh i think his redemption arc is the one i buy the most# he regrets what he's done and he'll atone for his actions by any means nessecary# so stop using things canon has blatantly sunk with this scene and countless others to justify your hook hate# it's getting tiresome# i'm sorry he's not a villian anymore??? apparently people would hate him less if he was still threatening to kill people but ok whatever# revenge is an end not a beginning# this got long and ranty# mine
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